Venue Sourcing & Solutions

Bam Bam Productions has a wealth of experience across all aspects of venue solutions including scouting, contract negotiation, permits, licenses and managing the venue throughout the entire event production process.  This puts us ahead of the game to provide any scope of support you require to host your event in the perfect location.

We have a diverse portfolio of venues across the world with access to 1000’s of prime locations including those not widely known for event hosting, and with strong vendor relationships we can guarantee the most cost effective rates.

We are constantly researching new venues and building relationships with their vendors, local scouts and bespoke owners to offer you a selection of locations and properties that aren’t on anyone else’s books.

And Bam Bam Productions doesn’t stop there. Our vast experience and strong relationships with expert contactors and suppliers ensures, should your perfect venue not exist, we could always build it for you!